Amsterdam | Day One





So my blog begins with my trip to Amsterdam to celebrate my 21st Birthday!

I have been after some dungarees for a while now but had yet to feel brave enough to take the plunge and actually purchase some. However, when I saw this white pair in my local vintage shop they were a must buy! And with a price tag of only £16.99 they were cheap enough to play around with until I felt comfortable in them.

For my first  Amsterdam outfit I teamed my newly purchased dungarees with this Acne jumper. I’ve never really been a ‘girly girl’ but just lately have a fetish for baby pink. So when I spotted this jumper on eBay I fell in love immediately. As I’m still experimenting with this whole picture-of-your-outfit thing I failed to get any pictures of the back which is a complete silk panel and adds a bit of a feminine feel to what is quite a boyish look, especially with the Converse.

Yes, two thirds of this look is essentially second hand. But I am hoping to show with this blog that if you can get over the fact you do not need to buy everything new you can get designer items at thrifted prices! I will be aiming to showcase pieces bought from a range of different outlets including eBay and charity shops where you can grab some real bargains.


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