The outfit I wore for a night out to celebrate my 21st  birthday is by far my favourite from the whole of our Amsterdam trip! This McQueen skirt I wear to death but because  I’ve been hitting the gym more its now a little too big for me. A trip to my local dry cleaner’s in definitely in order to get this altered. TOP TIP ALERT: when buying designer online you may fall in love with something that may not be the perfect fit. I definitely do not let this put me off! Simple alterations I like to do myself but as this skirt is velvet my basic skills just won’t cut it.

This Kenzo tee I bought from T K Maxx and it some how just seemed to go perfect with this clutch I have had for about a million years from Primark.

These Dune heels were featured in my last evening outfit post as I outrageously decided to only pack one pair of evening heels. It has to be said, they were just as comfy to wear the second night as the first. We did a bit more walking around from bar to bar around the city centre on my birthday night and it was like strutting around in my slippers!

My favourite thing about this outfit is the necklace. My great-grandma passed away last year whilst we were travelling Australia. Anything valuable naturally went straight to my nan and then my mum and my aunt. Not that this mattered, when I came back from travelling my nan gifted me with a little gold watch and a selection of costume jewellery belonging to my great-grandma for me to keep. Lots of the pieces were things I had bought her over the years from when I was little to more recently so for me to have this collection means the world. This particular necklace, however, was one of her older ones which she had long before I  was born making it a vintage piece with a lot of sentimental value.

Although the necklace is the only vintage piece I wore, after I put this outfit together I was really feeling the vintage vibes. I added a smidge of red lippy and tied my hair in a low messy bunish style at the nape of my neck to complete what I think turned out to be a 40’s look!

Happy Birthday to moi.


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